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I installed the app and there is no sound!

Answer: Check that the volume button is on and the volume setting are off mute.

I still cannot hear anything!

Answer: Check Settings/Notifications to make certain the notifications for the app is on. The app is designed to operate like the alarm clock; volume is controlled by the volume button and notifications for the app MUST BE ON.
Also make certain the app is on: click on the tool icon to turn the app off and on.

How do I make certain the app is working?

Answer: When the app is visible, you can tap on the bell or clock to test the sound.

Why dosen't the clock app  show the correct time?

Answer: By design the app is used to set the chimes (bell or clock)and not be visible. The app tells time by sound, not sight just like the bells on a ship. If showing the time is important, use another clock app to show the time.

How can I control the volume?

Answer: The volume is controlled by the volume button, just like the clock alarms.

How do I make the app silent?

Answer: On the main screen of the app, there is a tool icon. Click on the icon and turn the app off or on.

How can I learn the bell sequence?

Answer: On the main screen, there is an info icon. Click on the icon and see the table explaining the bell sequence.

I have deleted the app, but the bells/chimes still sound.

Answer: The app actually sets the device's alarm to ring every half hour with the correct 8 bell sequence. Once set the app does not have to be visible or running. To turn off the bells/chimes, re-install the app and click on the tool app to turn off the bells/chimes.

How can I contact you?

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